Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Psychedelic Mandalas.

Until 13 June 2015

Ask Roger Foley-Fogg when he made his Psychedelic Mandalas he will reply that it was when he was a kid. That’s when he started noticing the diffused opalescent light that has guided his long life of illumination. Foley-Fogg is synonymous with Light

He catalogues these works as dating from 1966, which is when Life magazine ran a cover story on the phoneme of Psychedelic art. As Roger says, that is when he realised what he was seeing could be of interest to others. And for Roger who worked under the name Elis D. Fogg as the wizard of rock show lighting during the late 60’s and 70’s the interest in his opalescent light was rapturous. His vision roared with the voice of rock and roll to become the immersive art of the counter culture

The history of Fogg’s art is also the history of lighting technology. Defining and redefining what is possible morphed Roger’s art from the theater to the gallery wall. The availability of LED lights, low voltage circuits and simple digital technology permitted this Psychedelic Mandala, the current manifestation of Roger’s vision that was assembled for his retrospective at Hazelhurst Gallery in 2010.

So this work has its date 1966 – 2010, emphasising the fact that this is the vision that has propelled Roger Foley-Fogg’s life.

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