Monday, 21 September 2015


Departure drawings
21 September 2015

Susannah’s drawing is a fastidiously edited composition of litter that has the temporal beauty of a breeze. Something gentle across the skin, it sirs up what ever has been left behind. In a moment it’s perfect and in another, gone.

The fastidious process of this work has Susanna in the window space night after night arranging and rearranging her simple found materials. Through her process she turns the idea of an exhibition on its head by utilising the exhibition time as a period of studio practice, cumulating in the realisation of a work. Fleetingly visible, it can only be known in its passing. 

I suppose our lives cannot be known until they are lived, the game of football not known until it is played, and this place not known until it is gone. There is a wistful sorrow in these departure drawings, along with their undeniable beauty and inventiveness that was for me at least, a moment of many memories.

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