Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Anne Ooms and Catriona Stanton

Devil Dodgers

 November 15 – December 19

This exhibition is the product of a dialogue between Catriona Stanton and. Anne Ooms, student and teacher. Catriona completed a Masters Degree at Charles Darwin University and since then their dialogue has been maintained through collaborative exhibitions The second one at Wollongong University gave us these works.

These pieces began as found objects “ Anne started the process and sent painted black carved polystyrene forms to me to adorn and embellish however I chose. Sometimes I just worked with found objects that echoed a shared aesthetic of Anne and I from knowing each others work for 10 years and Anne also came to the University of Wollongong studio to work with me and responded with black forms to my assemblages such as the sticks.” 

It is beautiful and exotic with obvious overtones of Indian mysticism, rendered with a wonderfully feminine lightness that might equally be a flirtatious glance translated into fantasy or religion as mood, freed from dogma and nothing more than a sunny afternoon or art.


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