Friday, 13 February 2015


February 2015 - July 2015

This fusion of tangled branches is pragmatically beautiful. Shaped at once by S.A. Adair’s material, then by her method, the constraints of our exhibition space and finally Sally’s compassionate hand that seems to be the junior partner in this collaboration but is of course is at it’s heart.

It was previously titled s.o.e., sense of edge and was shown at the Belconnen Art Centre in Canberra. There and here Sally has considered the space around the object as an unseen partner in the work. And it is this quality, rather than a polemic or narrative that Sally maintains in her practise. It has an indeterminate edge. Rather than offering an alternative reality, this art is simply scribbled over a reality that we already have. It’s an addition to the world as we know it with the ambition of becoming part of it.

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DIP is a partner window project of SLOT. It is located on the corner of Abbercrombie Street and Golden Grove, Darlington; about a ten minute walk from SLOT. The space is made available by Lloyd Suttor, who runs a bed and breakfast at the location.

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