Friday, 13 February 2015

Low Tide.
Until 14 March 2015

For Wendy Bornholdt the emptiness of SLOT is not empty.

She has given us the space of SLOT conditioned, caressed perhaps with a single, elegantly spare gesture of text on the window, a two word statement that reads: “Low Tide”.

This text is both literature and a graphic intervention. As Wendy observed, “it is difficult to look at a word and understand it without saying it silently while at the same time generating an image in your head. Low tides are full of potential. They are time limited opportunities for discovery and revelation…. uncoverings of sorts.”

Read graphically the text also operates as a kind of boundary marker. Stuck on the surface of the window it can’t help mingling with the reflections of our place. Here, cars and trucks grind past along the road, more vehicles are abandoned beside it, a butcher, $2 shop, the tailor’s sign relentlessly flashing all swimming in the surface of the window around Wendy’s sliver of text. It offers nothing more to the inside wall of SLOT than a shadow of its self and then only for a few hours each morning. Yet it draws a mysterious curtain across the wall that persists with quiet tenacity to invite a meditation on the poetry of absence.

Wendy has given us back our place with the invitation to imagine it other wise. This is one of the principal functions of art.

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